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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

This course aims to provide students fundamental knowledge in planning, designing, analysis, implementation and construct of computer systems automation. Applications involve hardware, software or both, and other concepts and principles of basic engineering sciences. It includes subjects in computer hardware fundamentals, computer aided design, computer electronics, computer based automation development and design, embedded systems, industrial and control systems, networking, web engineering, development and design, security, robotics/automation, mechatronics, intelligent systems and systems development design.

After graduation, one can be employed and assume entry level jobs or position as applications programmer, technical support engineer, web designer, software engineer, network administrator, systems engineer or analyst and instrumentation and control engineer.

Mr. Dante S. Banog, MBA
Engr. Rommel F. Fanoga
Engr. Christopher F. Fornal
Engr. Rosalynn C. Hernandez, MBA
Engr. Jerwin L. Olarte
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