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Accounting Room

A facility especially designed for accounting classes equipped with multi-media technology which makes it more conducive to learning.
Audio-Visual Room

It serves as an avenue for meetings, conferences, and seminars.

The venue was completed in June 2015 and has a 500 seating capacity to fulfill its mission of educating, enlightening, enriching and entertaining the entire community.
Book Store

School supplies and other related services are provided for the convenience of students.
Business Simulation Room

A facility especially designed for demonstration and actual training in real business setting.

The canteen caters to the nutritional needs of the student population.

A place where students may visit for prayer and reflection.
Computer Laboratory

With modern ICT facilities for students' hands-on activities designed to meet the challenges for the fast changing technological advancement.
Crime Laboratory

The school maintains forensic laboratories for the practical application of their theoretical studies in different forensic sciences.
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